Stop E Coli Infection with Dr. Hulda Clark

Dr. Hulda Clark writes that diarrhea is nature’s way of helping the body to control its population of flukes, roundworms, parasites of all kinds and their attendant bacteria and viruses. “Diarrhea is your clue that intestinal freeloaders are present.”

“E. Coli and Salmonella and Shigella are ‘enteric’ (they live in your bowel) bacteria that can give you severe abdominal distress and pain. In fact, you can become a chronic sufferer.“ p. 97 “The Cure for All Diseases“.

The breeding ground is hands and fingernails. Here are Dr. Hulda Clark’s tips to stop reinfection:

  1. Never touch your fingers to your lips.
  2. Don’t try to stop your frequent bowel movements. They will stop when the parasites and bacteria are gone.
  3. Other sources of E. coli are personal water bottles, baby diapers, bathrooms, and other people’s hands.
  4. Cysts (parasite eggs) live under your fingernails must be killed with food grade alcohol.
  5. Don’t eat with your hands. Use a fork.
  6. Never eat food off the floor!
  7. Always wash hands after petting an animal!
  8. Never touch the bottoms of shoes! Keep shoes off couch or bed or chair.
  9. Always cough or sneeze into your clothing or a tissue, not your hands.
  10. Keep your fingers out of your mouth. Don’t lick your fingers to turn pages or open plastic bags.
  11. Clean your fingernails with the following solution after using the bathroom. “Pump alcohol into one palm. Put the fingernails of the other hand into it. Scratch a bit. Pour it into the other palm and do the remaining fingernails. Rinse.”
Dr. Hulda Clark’s Cleaning Solution for the Bathroom Sink
(p. 398, The Cure for All Diseases.)

Buy Everclear or Protec (potable) alcohol and make a 5% solution.

Usual Dilution: Add ¼ cup of 95% alcohol to a quart of water.

Dilution for sick people: Add ½ cup 95% alcohol to ½ cup cold tap water, or buy plain vodka 80-100 proof. Pour the Vodka into the pump bottle. MAKE SURE NOBODY DRINKS IT.

Add a good dose of cayenne to the strong vodka mixture if you have concerns of anyone trying to drink it.

Keep it in a pump or spray bottle at your sink to clean under your fingernails.

How would you use this great spray?  I would use it as a hand sanitizer, to spray and wipe down the toilet seat or bathroom sink, spray your kitchen cutting board after meat, keep a small spray bottle in your purse for special occasions such as public facilities, door handles, after greeting people in a public event, spray your car steering wheel now and then, and the list goes on.  We must be intentional about keeping germs from your hands and mouth.

That’s it for now,

The Cleaning Lady

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