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9 Useful Cleansing Teas

 TAHEEBO TEA, ESSIAC TEA, GREEN TEA, GINGER TEA, PEPPERMINT TEA, CELERY TEA, DANDELION ROOT TEA, MARIGOLD TEA, WATERMELON SEED TEA Pau d’Arco or Taheebo Tea Pau d’Arco is the name of the bark that comes from the Taheebo tree, which grows in Argentina and Brazil.  Most health food stores carry the loose prepackaged bark.  In…

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4 Lymphatic Cleanse Recipes

The Lymph system is the body’s drainage system.  The lymph system helps to pick up waste, toxins, pathogens, and even cancer cells to take back to the blood stream, for removal from the body.  It also helps distribute oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body.  The Lymph system does not have a pump…

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