Signs & Symptoms of Toxicity

How do you know if your body is toxic? 

How do you know if you could benefit from Cleansing? 

What are the signs and symptoms of a toxicity in your body?

Toxicology textbooks list the first symptoms of chronic poisoning as low energy, fatigue, muscle weakness, inability to concentrate and intestinal complaints.  These symptoms are virtually identical to those experienced by the chronically ill.– Jeffrey Bland, PhD, The 21-Day Rejuvenation Diet Program, p. 23

Some of the symptoms of toxicity you should look out for are:

  • Bad breath and coated tongue – foul smelling breath caused by unhealthy/bad digestion from a backed-up colon or periodontal disease.
  • Hemorrhoids – varicose veins of the anus with pain, swelling and itching, often caused by constipation and lack of dietary fiber.  75 million Americans are suspected to suffer from hemorrhoids.
  • Constipation/Digestive complaints – irregular or insufficient bowel movements due to lack of dietary fiber, fast-paced lifestyle where our body’s urges are ignored, use of pharmaceutical drugs, and other causes.  This could indicate the need for cleansing and diet change.
  • Weight Gain – caused from sedentary lifestyle, inactivity, poor food choices, food additives, and disease.  This places strain on the heart, digestive and all systems of the body.
  • Acne – skin break-outs is often a sign of toxicity in the blood or the liver.
  • Excessive Body Odor, belching and bad gas – sometimes caused by poor hygiene, zinc deficiency, diabetes or liver disease or chronic constipation.
  • Lack of Energy – could be environmental toxicity, allergies, sluggish liver.
  • Inflammation and Pain/fibromyalgia – joint pain, may be an over-acid body, indicating the need for cleansing and diet change.
  • Mental Fog, poor concentration and/or lack of sexual desire – brain feels foggy and not as clear as usual, sometimes due to allergies, toxic body products, lack of exercise, and the need for improved circulation.
  • Depression – see mental fog, often helped with cleansing, exercise, and diet change.
  • Headaches – includes sinus congestion, some causes are lack of water, exercise, toxic environment, lack of circulation, or allergies.
  • General nausea or lack of wanting to eat – other than pregnancy, look at the possibility of environmental toxicity, look at a liver cleanse, blood cleansing, extra fluids, diet change to include digestive enzymes in your food.
  • Allergies and Food sensitivities

Your body has 6 main organs or systems where it disposes of toxic waste.  These are the Lungs, Kidney, Intestinal Tract/Colon, Lymphatic System, Skin and the Liver.

If one of these is compromised in any way, your health could suffer.  The purpose of a Body Cleanse is to clear up the toxicity so your body can function properly again.

What Can You Do About It?

Read How to Get Started Cleansing.  Take a personal inventory with the Symptom Checklist.  Then, make a plan of which Cleanse to start with.

Note that a lack of symptoms does not indicate that you should not do cleansing.  As long as you are still alive and putting food in your mouth, you can decide to choose wisely and change the direction of your future.

When my husband got cancer, we were faced with some options and here’s what we did.  We had very little money, so we chose to do 3 basic things.  We cleaned up our home drinking water and bought a water distiller.  Next, we bought a Champion juicer, and we cleaned up our diet.  With all the live juices, the distilled water and focus on live foods, we didn’t realize it, but we were actually doing a cleanse.

A good place to start is to go on a Juice Cleanse, getting the fresh, live, enzyme-rich vegetable juices to build up your body’s nutrition.  Go to our page on Getting Started with Juicing.  To begin as cheaply as possible, borrow a juicer from a friend, or look in the classified ads in the local paper.  Just get started now and see how easy it is.  The second Cleanse I recommend is either the Liver Cleanse or the Master Cleanse.

One of the next steps in Cleansing is to avoid toxicity and stop re-infecting yourself with poisons.  Many times we are exposing ourselves without even knowing it.  Print out the list above and highlight every area you are jeopardizing your health or exposing yourself to toxicity.  Check the FREE check list to see where you might be poisoning yourself.

Then do something about it.

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