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Hulda Clark Bowel Program

(from the book “The Cure for All Diseases”,  copyright 1995 by Hulda Regehr Clark, PhD, N.D.) “Bacteria are always at the root of bowel problems, such as pain, bloating and gassiness …..Although most bowel bacteria are beneficial, the ones that are not, like Salmonellas and Shigellas, are extremely detrimental because they have the ability to…

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Three Candida Cleanse Recipes

Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the body, and shows itself in many ways.  Some of the common symptoms are:  vaginal itching and/or burning, thrush (white coated tongue), athlete’s foot with fungal toe infection, rectal itching.  Other symptoms are:  constipation, depression, brain fog, allergies, cravings for sugars, breads, chips and carbs, digestive problems like gas…

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