DIY Easy Fiber Mix

#1 Health Improvement Tip – Get more Fiber in your Diet.

What do you do when your fiber supplement runs out?  I have bought and used many fiber mixes on the market, and find that they work.  The list of ingredients is all fairly similar, with a few distinctives here and there.  The fact is, we all need a lot of fiber in our diet.  And if we don’t get it in the fiberless foods we usually get, we must supplement.

Here’s my secret fiber mix with only 3 ingredients.  I use it because it works for me. It also contains Chia seed, a new Superfood.


1 part chia seed (Superfood)
1 part psyllium husk
1 part ground flaxseed

Mix these together and refrigerate.  Take 1-3 tbsp per day.  You can mix it with water, yogurt, or fruit smoothie and drink for breakfast or a substantial snack.  You can look forward to the time I get to take your fiber because it’s so yummy.  You need extra water when you take extra fiber.  I usually drink a cup of herbal tea after taking my fiber.

Here is the reason you need extra fiber every day.  

  • fiber provides bulk to bowel movements, that help sweep the colon clean every day, and relieves constipation.
  • fiber helps people to lose weight, giving them a nice full feeling for a long time.
  • fiber helps stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • fiber can help to lower bad cholesterol
  • fiber can help people with hemorrhoids, acne, and a lot of other things
  • fiber helps to flush excess estrogen out of the body – great for anyone with imbalanced hormones (which is most people).  Estrogen dominance has been linked to endometriosis, PMS, PCOS, uterine fibroids, hot flashes, breast problems.  For this reason, every woman should be taking fiber.  

Here’s a note on the superfood Chia.  Chia is a 3,000 year old plant that was considered to be more valuable than gold to the Aztecs.  Chia is a high in protein containing all the essential amino acids, high in essential fatty acids, digests easily, full of fiber,  and also vitamins and trace minerals. 

Here’s what my mixture looks like: 

Give your health and wellbeing a boost this year by eating more fiber-filled food (check out the Fiber Checklist) or make your own fiber mix like mine above.

It’s all about cleansing to keeping healthy!

The Cleaning Lady

“Death starts in the colon – don’t let it happen to you” – Unknown


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