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Do you have the six hidden hazards in YOUR home?

June 2012 issue of Consumer Reports Canada lists six hidden hazards in your home as: household cleaners old lead-based paint invisible killers: carbon monoxide and radon combustion of particles or gases interior mold air fresheners, candles and incense Here are some of the highlights I got from the article. Most cleaning products are not safe,…

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Use a Chemical Roach Killer?

I was cleaning out the cupboards of our rental home the other day, and among the toxic household chemicals I threw out was a spray can of Baygon Roach Killer.  See the other items I threw out here. I looked at it, and knowing what a problem roaches are here in Central America, the fleeting…

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I’m Detoxing this Place Today!

We just arrived at a new rental house and this place is TOXIC!!! Even though I’ve thrown out most of the leftovers from the last tenant’s cleaning supplies, there’s more to go.  And it just occurred to me that you would like to see what I’m throwing out today.  This assortment came from the bathroom…

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