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Breakfast Smoothie that Chases away Parasites!

Are you tired of all the teas that are good for cleansing?  Or depriving and restricting yourself to try and get healthy? Here’s something different, and it tastes really good.  And parasites don’t like it.  When I got my ingredients, I had 4 day’s worth of the anti-parasite smoothie.  Just keep the rest in the…

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TIPS on Living Parasite-Free

If you really want to remain parasite-free, here are the most important steps to follow.  After reading this, go to the parasite cleanse page to get information on the best do-it-yourself parasite cleanses. 1. Keep pets outside. During your healing process, find a good home for all your house pets.  Parasite reinfestation from house pets…

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Parasite Cleansing Recipes

  Parasites are organisms that feed on and live in another host (me and you).  Parasites are not friendly.  They are foreign to your body.  In their effort to survive, they live off the food you eat, and they steal your nutrition before you even get it.  Parasites thrive, lay eggs and reproduce in your…

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