Use a Chemical Roach Killer?

I was cleaning out the cupboards of our rental home the other day, and among the toxic household chemicals I threw out was a spray can of Baygon Roach Killer.  See the other items I threw out here.

I looked at it, and knowing what a problem roaches are here in Central America, the fleeting thought came to me that this stuff could really be useful. Being pest-free sounded nice.

BUT ….. this can boasts that it kills instantly (mata al instante), and is more powerful than ever! It is for scorpions and cockroaches. On a closer look, here is what you really need to know.

This is an aerosol insecticide made in Mexico and the ingredient list on the back is so small you can hardly read it without magnification.  The active ingredient is “cipermetrina” or cypermethrin. It warns to cover all food and to keep it away from your eyes and flame. You need good ventilation for the treated area for 30 minutes. Warning: this affects the central nervous system, causes irritation, dermatitis and paralysis.

In reading the MSDS for cypermethrin, it says “Exposure may cause irritation to eyes, mucous membranes, upper respiratory tract and skin;  Exposure may also cause the following: effect fertility and/or unborn and breastfed babies; somnolence; convulsions, seizures or tremor; salivary gland changes; motor activity changes muscle contraction; urine volume increase; immuneresponse decrease; proteinuria; hypoglycemia; blood clotting factor changes.”

If this roach spray can cause this list of conditions, is it really worth using in your house?  Would you want to put your kids or animals, and especially yourself at risk?  Infertility and hormonal disruptors are becoming alarmingly more common, and chemicals like this are contributors to the problem.  You never know the longer term effects of this chemical in the body.

Bugs and ants in the house are a terrible nuisance and it does take persistence to get rid of the problem.  They often have a route that they enter the house – through the wall or a crack somewhere.  I recommend making a custom natural killer for any kind of bug you might be faced with.

The EPA of the United States recommends natural approaches to keeping critters out of your house.  You must clean up spills and crumbs immediately.  Close up all bags of food and don’t leave them open lying around. Eat at the table so you keep food crumbs in one place. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink, and always cover the trash, being careful to empty if often.  You must be meticulous and consistent in order to starve them away.

Here are some natural recipes that I will be using if I need them here at this house.

Recipe 1  Ingredients:  Baking Soda, icing sugar and water.  Mix equal parts together into a paste, so the roaches can feed on this and also take back to their nest.  This will make them bloat up and die.

Recipe 2 Diatomaceous earth, which you can buy in the hardware store or garden store.  When the roach eats this, it will destroy their shell/skeleton and cause them to shrivel and die.

If we find we need roach killer, I’m planning on following the EPA’s kitchen cleansing protocol first, and then using one of the above recipes if necessary.  Until that time comes, the Baygon roach killer is gone, never to return.  By the way, if you friends find a better solution, please let me know. 

Getting healthy together! 

The Cleaning Lady






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