Hulda Clark Zapper and Parasites

The AutoZap 5 super-fast zapper is a perfect companion to a comprehensive body cleanse. It works by wakening up your immune system and allowing your body’s own defenses to work for you.  Many people report losing nests of parasites after using the zapper, plus many other benefits.  See for customer feedback.

The AutoZap 5 is the Hulda Clark zapper, designed for a lifetime of self health for you, your family and even your pets.  It costs less than a day or two off work sick.  Or a couple visits to a naturopath.  Or one typical vet bill.

Got 5 minutes to super-charge your health? 

It only takes FIVE minutes a day.  That’s all the time it actually takes.  It couldn’t get any quicker or easier.

See this site for more details, instructions and a great FAQ:


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