The 6 Dirty Secrets of having BAD BREATH!!!

Picture of Rotten Orange

Picture of Rotten OrangeI got the SURPRISE of my life as I sat talking with a young banking representative yesterday.

The sewer-like smell coming from his mouth almost knocked me over. It was a combination of what I imagine the smell of rotting teeth and a bowel movement to smell like. How could a young man in a suit and tie ever exude such a revolting smell?  And – he appeared to have a beautiful set of teeth, well groomed and clean.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I had not encountered a lady earlier that same day with the exact same odor (possibly more intense) at the breakfast table in the beautiful B & B we stayed at.  Her teeth were not as nice, she was older and obese.  Perhaps I could understand that she could have bad breath, but certainly not the young banking gentleman. 

Two people with BAD BREATH in one day was too much!!

It reminded me of the day I was about to eat a beautiful orange.  I decided to open it first, and there before my eyes was a nest of worms amid black rot and mold.  On the outside what appeared to be a beautiful orange was, in fact, a deadly mass of decay.  The picture above is the actual picture of the orange I was about to eat!!

Bad breath is a symptom of something brewing beneath the surface. Bad breath is not normal. And . . . . bad breath should be taken seriously.  Be thankful if someone is kind enough to let you know that you have bad breath.  The sooner you clean it up, the better for you.


  • It really smells bad near you.  People may avoid getting close to you.  It’s hard to appreciate a toilet-bowl smell coming out of someone’s mouth for an extended period of time.  You have a toxic situation going on, and other people are getting the brunt of it.  It’s easier for people to keep away than talk about it.  Your body will need cleansing and detox.
  • You may have gum disease, bacteria in your gums, rotten and/or rotting teeth.  Research now shows that harboring teeth infections and gum disease can be one real cause of heart disease.
  • You may have a sinus infection with bacteria and infection breeding in cavities above your mouth in your head.  That can smell really foul, and it will wear your body down eventually.
  • You likely have constipation.  Your food has slow transit time, your bowels don’t move adequately and you are congested.  The toxins that should be exiting your body are staying around for days, and your body is reabsorbing the garbage into your blood stream.  You are likely feeling more tired than usual, lethargic, have acne breakouts, your brain feels fuzzy and your breath stinks really bad.  Your stomach could even be distended and bloated with excess pounds of fecal matter!!  Have you got the picture?
  • You may have poor Digestion with bad diet and liver problems – this is separate from the constipation issue.  Your liver can’t speak, and so you won’t necessarily know what’s happening.  It’s like that worm in the orange picture above.  You may look fine on the outside, but there may be something bad brewing in your body organs.
  • You may also experience bad breath from cleansing during a fast.  You may have a white tongue and foul breath, but these will end as your body cleanses naturally.  If you are fasting, be encouraged that your body is eliminating toxic waste and getting cleansed!
  • Other reasons for bad breath could be medications, which can cause ‘dry mouth’ and bring on foul smelling breath.

When the first person tells you that you have bad breath, here are some important DIY steps you can do immediately.  Many of these steps can be done at the same time, but Step 11 and 12 obviously must be done separately.  Work on your bad breath step by step.

1.  Drink 6-8 fresh clean cups of water each day.  Coffee or tea do not count.

2.  Immediately increase your fiber by eating 1-2 apples every day, with its skin!

3.  Add fresh green parsley to your diet – chew it well to let the chlorophyll sanitize and freshen your mouth.  Chlorophyll is like an internal body deodorizer and cleansing food.  Chew a bunch every day, and include it in your meals.

4.  Chew clove buds, which can help cover up bad breath, and also help to kill parasites that are lurking around.

5.  Add 1 tsp – 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in water before each meal, as a digestive aid.

6.  Move to the colon cleanse.  You must make sure that your bowels are moving well each day.  See the section 14 Constipation Home Remedies for DIY ideas immediately.

7.  Just having a bowel movement is not enough.  Fiber will give you bulk which provides a sweeping action that cleanses years of sludge buildup on the walls of your colon.  Toxic sludge and impacted fecal matter can give you symptoms of bad breath.  See my personal homemade DIY Easy Fiber Solution here.  It works amazingly well for getting that sweeping action in the colon.

8.  Cut out meat and cheese from your diet for a period of time.  They contain no fiber, promote constipation, and tend to putrefy (make a foul smell) if your bowels are not moving.

9.  Clean up your mouth.  Brush your teeth carefully, floss, and brush your tongue. Try a natural rinse made from salt and bicarbonate of soda.  You can mix 3 parts soda to 1 part sea salt.  Add 1 tsp to a cup of water which you can gargle and swish to keep your mouth fresh.

Note:  Someone in our family recently had a tooth extraction.  After a few days the stench coming from his mouth was so bad nobody could stand to be near him.  He could not even smell it!!!  I realized that the issue was cleaning the mouth, and miraculously after swishing gently with salt and soda water a number of times each day, the problem was solved.

10.  See your Dentist, to determine if your bad breath is a deeper dental issue or not.  Pay particular attention to crowns, root canals and bridges, which on the surface may appear to be fine, but are a rotting mess under the surface.  This must be cleaned up.

11.  Do a Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse.  Your liver, being one of the most important organs in your body must be working well.  Your liver is a toxin filter in your body, and it will be working hard to help you detoxify from your bad breath.

12.  Do the Master Cleanse for 1-3 days.

One QUICK CLEANSE I recommend is called The 3-Day Cleanse, or The Three Day Cleanse.  This product is provided from one of my sponsors, so I appreciate you passing on my link here to others who are looking for a great cleanse.  Getting rid of the Mucoid Plaque in your colon has the potential to change your life, and of course, help with eliminating toxins from your body.  Anyone should consider doing this easy and powerful cleanse for improving your health.  The Free Video tells you all about it.  Go to 3 Day Cleanse Here.

Yours for fresh and clean BREATH!

The Cleaning Lady

PS.  This information is not intended as medical advice.  We advise you to seek professional medical help with all your health concerns including bad breath.  It can be a serious symptom requiring medical help.  As always, take responsibility for your own health.




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