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Thank you for joining me at Cleanse Help.

Here at Cleanse Help you will see that I love natural remedies, whole food nutrition, and do-it-yourself stuff.

I believe that God has put natural elements of good health right in the foods we can grow and eat.  We can juice them to get concentrated nutrients, blend them up, make teas, grow herbs and help others at the same time.  We can also learn about other cultures around the globe and discover what they do to keep healthy, along with their unique remedies.

Being a sleuth, I love to search for hidden causes for health problems (i.e. what are you doing to sabotage your health?). I believe disease is an imbalance that needs correction, and avoiding drugs and surgeries is my passion.

The world has become a toxic place, and helping people to live a simpler life without household chemicals is vital.  I will encourage you to help yourself, and make the practice of detoxing, cleansing and rebuilding normal.

I believe

  • that you can think for yourself
  • that you should do your own research and ask questions
  • in being personally involved in your own health
  • that there is still lots left for you to discover
  • in having fun in what you do (otherwise don’t do it)
  • cleansing and rebuilding are the core of restoring health

I welcome questions and feedback.  Maybe I can offer some encouragement or helpful hint.  I am not a medical doctor, and this site is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or cures.  It is for the reader’s education and enjoyment only.


The Cleaning Lady at CleanseHelp.com!





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