Quick Constipation Solution

Looking for a great constipation solution that does not contain senna or cascara sagrada? Nature-SM tea could be exactly what you are looking for.

I have found a box of Natures-SM tea in many large grocery chains in the world, and I have also found it available online for around $5, with 30 teabags in a box.  I use only the REGULAR tea (not the double or triple strength dieters tea).  The single ingredient is all natural 100% Malva Verticellata. 

I always travel with a few of these teabags, and It’s the kind of tea that you keep in your cupboard and get it out whenever you need it.  It tastes pleasant, and you can easily add cranberry juice or cinnamon with honey to add some flavor.  I enjoy it as it is.

Who gets the best benefit from this tea?  

I find it works amazingly for occasional constipation. We’re not talking about chronic constipation, but the constipation that comes from not enough fiber, too much dairy (especially cheese), traveling constipation with jet lag and upset meal routines, and even medications, I believe chronic constipation has deeper roots, and you have to address it differently over a longer period of time to really conquer it. 

So if you know that you get constipated every time you travel, or every time you get out of your own mealtime routines, this would be a great tea to drink for those times. 

That being said, I know that people use Natures-SM tea for dieting and other long-term uses.  The instructions on the back of the package are there to make sure people do not take this tea if they have a digestive problem.  Read them.

Directions to make this tea work like a charm for you. 

  • Boil water
  • Place one Nature SM Teabag in the cup
  • Pour boiling water over the teabag and let steep for 3 minutes EXACTLY (no more).
  • When starting out feel free to let the teabag steep for 2 minutes, but remember to increase the steeping to 3 minutes if you don’t get the results you are looking for the next day.  I steep the teabag for 3 minutes with no problems at all.
  • Immediately remove the teabag from the cup and throw it in the garbage. (This is because the bags are inexpensive, and because I don’t have the experience to know how much to let the bag steep if you were to use it a second time).
  • I usually drink a cup of tea in the evening after supper – but find out what works best for you.

How should you feel when taking the tea for constipation?

You should not experience cramping or pain when getting relief from occasional constipation, but you should have an easy and painless bowel movement.  When beginning with the tea, you may experience several movements the next day, probably to help you experience the cleansing and relief from the bowel movements you missed.

After your body has been cleaned out of toxic waste that has been sitting there plugging you up, you should feel lighter on your feet, your bloating will be gone, probably you will be in a great mood, and you will probably have more energy.  How’s that!!

Let us know if you tried this tea for constipation. 

Yours for cleansing and feeling good,

The Cleaning Lady




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