How to get Rid of your Symptoms

I keep boxes of magazine pages and clippings on the topic of cleansing and eliminating toxicity. I get excited about this topic because you can never go wrong when you start cleansing the body.

Toxins come from both internal and external toxic overload, but either way, it shows up with symptoms in your body.  Symptoms is your body telling you something and you better listen.

Hallelujah Acres ( taught me that “The only true disease, Toxemia, is caused by obstructions in the human sewage system. The poor elimination of metabolic toxins (from food, exercise, stress, and environment) results in a septic poisoning of the bloodstream. If the body is never given a chance to effectively be rid of toxins… will store them away in the tissues and lymph and wait for an opportunity to ‘detoxify’.”

Here is the typical ‘symptom’ story I hear:

  1. You get a symptom or two, feeling like you have the flu, or you have diarrhea, or a headache, or something worse.
  2. You reach for a pill or medication to enable you to function as usual, because you have to keep going, and nobody likes pain or inconvenience.  You MAKE the symptom go away one way or another.
  3. You eventually get over it, but unfortunately, your body suppresses and stores its toxins.  They don’t just ‘go away’ by themselves.
  4. Your body now runs on overload with its stored toxins, until eventually you get something worse like arthritis, a liver problem, acne, chronic fatigue, and the list goes on.

It’s not difficult to make sure your body is clean and able to do its job of keeping healthy.  Here are some helpful to-do items you can get started with today.  Body cleansing doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can be fun if you have the support of someone else who wants to do it with you.

  • Go on a juice cleanse for a week (more is better).  Juice some carrot, apple, celery and parsley juice for breakfast every day.  For added nutrition add beet and ginger slice.  Drink a glass of watermelon juice later in the day.  Also drink 6 glasses of pure clean water, and eliminate coffee or other comfort drinks.  See how you feel.
  • Go on a liver cleanse – once a month for 3 months.  Do it again a month later.
  • Eliminate all dairy from your life for a month (cheese, milk, cream, ice cream, etc).  Document any changes.
  • Do a house cleanup of toxic household products you use.  If you get anything from the regular grocery store it is likely toxic and should be disposed of.  Be very very careful in which products you use in your home – vinegar, baking soda and borax are safe.  This cleanup is very necessary for anyone with asthma or upper respiratory problems, and liver-related problems.  Use very simple and pure household cleaning products.  We recommend and use

Areas of pollution include:  smoke, pop and sugar drinks, bags of chips, nice expensive, but toxic body products, not enough fiber, lack of oxygen, not enough pure water, not enough rest and relaxation, or too much sluggish behavior with no exercise? 

Be a sleuth and find out what things trigger symptoms in your body.   Get to the root of what is destroying your health.  The positive side of having symptoms is that your body is trying to tell you something, and you can do something about it.

It’s time for cleansing out the garbage in your body that’s causing the symptoms.  Don’t cover up your symptoms – they are really your friends.


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