Paraguayan Detox Tea

I was told that to really get a true understanding of natural healing here in Paraguay, you might have to talk to a native Guarani healer, an expert in all about the herbs and medicinals in this country. That sounded exciting, but before I have even had a chance to find one, I already found an amazing healing and cleansing plant myself. That is the healthy looking green, leafy Boldo plant, which grows as big as a bush.

Beautiful Boldo Plant

   My personal history with Boldo went back a few years while in Canada, and I had found a box of Boldo teabags which I gave to my step-mother with chronic constipation. Lo and behold, she asked me for more. Boldo really helped her stomach and aided in constipation for her.  There was no use looking for laxatives when this tea seemed to do the trick.  I searched but sadly was never able to find more in the entire country.

   Fast forward to yesterday at dinnertime, one of our party had come down with extreme upset stomach similar to food poisoning. Eating at a curbside food stand sometimes has it’s downsides. Our local friends showed us a 6 inch sprig of the Boldo bush from the garden and asked if he would like to have Boldo tea, saying that it is a common stomach remedy here. In fact, he says it takes away acid stomach and helps with cleansing the body.

Of course, he went for the tea. It had a distinctive taste but was easy to take.  He began to feel the soothing effects in his sick stomach right away. He filled his water bottle with it, and continued drinking it the next day. 

Here are some of the great helpful benefits the Boldo plant:

Backyard Boldo Bush

  • helps with digestive problems, and unsettled stomach
  • helps with liver and kidney problems (balances uric acid levels)
  • aids in eliminating the production of bile
  • aids in eliminating intestinal parasites
  • helps with gallstones

I have found out that the essential oil is toxic and not recommended, but when the locals recommend the hot tea, it’s obviously tried and true, and likely going to be very helpful. Everywhere here in Paraguay you can find Boldo tea in fancy packaging, or dried leaves in packages sold at the local markets, with the words “Digestivo, Tranquilizante, Analgesico, Afeccion Hepatica” on the back, which gives me the idea that the local people know what it’s actually good for!

This morning I even had a cup of hot Boldo Tea to celebrate my final day here!  If you can get your hands on some, even for an addition to your herbal medicine chest, go for it.

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