Toxicity & How You Get It

How does my body become polluted with sludge?  How do I become toxic?  Where did I pollute myself?

If you’re not cleansing your body regularly, you could be ‘recycling’ toxic blood through your system over and over again?

Cleansing helps to reduce the toxic overload in your body.  It is all about cleaning garbage and ‘sludge’ from the body and giving your body a chance to work for you like it is designed. Sludge could be actually killing you.

There are 3 ways we come into contact with toxicity – we touch it, breath it, and eat or drink it.

Dr. Gordon Chang, PhD in physiology and Biomedical engineering from the University of Toronto, has written:

“Toxins can enter the human body via a number of convenient pathways; through the lungs when we breathe, through the skin by contact, or through the GI tract from the food and drink we consume.  The toxins are then metabolically processed by the three major organs of detoxification:  the liver, the lungs and the kidneys so that they can be excreted from the body with other waste material.  That is IF the toxins do not become stored in the cells of the body through toxic overload.”

After a few years of constant exposure, you can be sure that your body will break down somehow.  It may start with allergies, then progress to migraines, arthritis or insomnia and on it goes.  You jump onto the medical merry-go-round, the doctor gets busy treating your symptoms with drugs, and then has to treat the side-effects of those drugs with more drugs.

It makes a lot of sense that if you could identify and stop the poisons, eliminate the culprits, and pull the residue out from your body itself, then slowly but surely your body could get well.

Here is a list of just some of the culprits:

  1. Heavy metals from:  dental amalgam fillings i.e. mercury poisoning.  See Heavy Metal Detox Recipes.  Replace mercury fillings with composite fillings with no mercury, no fluoride, and no bisphenyl A.  Lakes and rivers are now found to have toxic levels of mercury and other contaminants, and the EPA in the US has issued warnings on unsafe mercury levels found in fish coming from lakes and rivers in the US.  Pregnant mothers have been warned about consuming fish where the mercury toxicity can damage the unborn child.
  2. Body products – nail polish, nail polish remover, deodorants, make-up, lotions, soaps, gels, anti-bacterial soaps, mosquito sprays/lotion, etc.
  3. Toxic Hazards in the home:  lead pipes, fluoridated and chlorinated water, formaldehyde from new carpets, carpet adhesives, teflon from scotch guard in carpets and furniture, paints, car exhaust fumes and even cigarette smoke.
  4. Household toxic cleaning chemicals and products like laundry soaps, cleaners, sprays, etc.
  5. Vaccinations – see the Center for Disease Control’s information sheet at for a listing of ingredients in common vaccines.  Toxic ingredients include MSG, aluminum, thimerosol (mercury derivative), formaldehyde, live bacterial strains, etc.  Since more vaccines are being produced and promoted rapidly, it is practically impossible to keep up with the various toxic additives.  The adult body is not designed to process these ingredients as food much less an infant, so we can practically conclude that these additives are toxic to the body.  No child should ever have a vaccine with these ingredients injected into their body.
  6. Mold – in our food and in our homes.  Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an oncologist from Rome, has discovered that fungus and mold could be the essence of every cancer in the body.  Dr. Hulda Clark believes that mold makes toxins and shuts down parts of the liver.  She finds mold in nuts, bread stored in plastic bags, in peanut butters, and other preserved foods we buy in the grocery store.  Dr. Clark recommends adding a sprinkling of Vitamin C powder to hinder mold in some food products after opening them.
  7. Food additives – MSG (and all its forms), preservatives, food in packages, boxes, cans, etc.
  8. Toxic air inside the home – drywall, carpet (formaldehyde), new furniture, lack of circulating air, toxic room fresheners, bathroom fresheners, etc.  See also for information on the toxic effects of indoor molds.
  9. Toxic air outside the home – lawn and garden chemicals including pesticides and sprays, fertilizers, insecticide aerial spray for mosquitoes or other pests in the cities, and farm land spraying of herbicides, etc.
  10. Toxicity in the workplace – enclosed office workplaces with re-circulated and trapped air, glues, thinners, oils, paints, cleaners.
  11. Prescription medication and drugs– All drugs are harmful in some way and cause side-effects.  They must go through the liver for the body to process and detoxify.  Years of accumulated poisons will cause a problem in your liver.  There are no safe drugs.  Read the Physician’s Desk Reference (side-effects section) of any single drug you know.  Every person should read the side-effects section before taking any drug.Prescription drugs are administered as early as 1 day old up to 100+ years old, so BEWARE!
  12. City water – polluted with fluoride and chlorox bleach (added at the pumping stations) which are deadly toxins.
  13. Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF’s) – high-power wires (above ground and underground), cell phones, televisions, electronic products.  Check out yours with a gauss meter.
  14. Xeno-estrogens – toxins that imitate estrogens.  These may be linked to high rates of breast cancer, endometriosis and reproductive problems in women.  These are often petrochemical derivatives that mimic estrogens in the body, they are not biodegradable, and are stored in human fat tissue, and even can change our genetics.  Xeno-estrogens are now being studied as bringing their own health threat to the human race.  Xeno-estrogens are found in plastic wrap (cling wrap), and heating food in plastic containers.
  15. Toxic Hazards you do to Yourself – smoking,  hair dye,  tattoo dyes,  addictive alcohol or coffee drinking, lawn pesticides, etc.

To start on the road to health, you must detoxify from poisons, toxins, pollutants, etc.  If you have not done so already, read about the Signs and Symptoms of Toxicity to get a list of symptoms that could indicate that your body NEEDS a spring cleaning.  If you have a health problem of any kind, check this out, and do yourself the biggest favor of your life and get yourself on a cleansing and detoxing program today.

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