TIPS on Living Parasite-Free

If you really want to remain parasite-free, here are the most important steps to follow. 

After reading this, go to the parasite cleanse page to get information on the best do-it-yourself parasite cleanses.

1. Keep pets outside.

During your healing process, find a good home for all your house pets.  Parasite reinfestation from house pets is very fast and makes the parasite program useless.  After they are gone, your house will need to have a thorough cleaning.  The reasons that pets must be placed elsewhere are:  litter boxes, which are a source of parasites, especially toxoplasmosis, they lick themselves (including their rear end) with their tongue, and then lick you.  You can also catch parasites by inhaling dust containing dried animal feces.  “Vacuuming a carpet blasts mites and tapeworm eggs into the air.” p. 408 “Cure for All Diseases.” by Dr. Hulda Clark.

Every home should implement the following guidelines:

  • Do not let pets sleep in your bed.  Dr. Hulda Clark says “Never allow a pet into the bedroom or the household dust will have tapeworm eggs as well as mites.  Throw out rugs that have been pet-beds.”  (p. 408, “Cure for All Diseases“).  The parasites from the pet often lay their eggs in your sheets and blankets.  Clean your sheets and blankets regularly if your pet sleeps there.
  • Put your pets on a herbal parasite program.
  • Do not allow your pets to use your dishes, or even lick your face or arms.  Parasites can be found in the pet’s saliva, which enters your body.
  • Do not allow your pet to lick your small children or their toys, as children put toys in their mouths.  After an animal licks you, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • If you have a backyard sandbox, keep it covered, so neighborhood animals will not bury their feces there.  The sand provides a perfect environment that is ideal for the development and survival of hookworm larvae from cats.  Your children could easily become infected.
  • Keep your yard cleaned up of all animal feces, and keep stray dogs and cats out.

2. Keep your hands out of your mouth.  Parasites can be passed to you by shaking hands.  Stop nail biting.  Nail biting is an extremely efficient transport mechanism for parasites.

3. Wash all your fruits and vegetables, and especially those transported from other parts of the world.  Use only a non-toxic healthy variety of food grade cleaner.

4. Do not eat raw meat.   Beef and pork can be loaded with tapeworms.  Do not eat raw fish as in sushi or raw tuna.  I have been both live and dead worms in raw salmon and snapper fish.  You will mot likely get worms by eating raw fish.  It is best to become a vegetarian.  Meats should be washed before cooking and thoroughly cooked.

5. Wash your hands often.   Especially when handling raw meat, chicken and fish in the kitchen, wash your hands before doing other things like preparing the salad.  Wash your hands after using the bathroom or even working in the garden.

6. Use a separate cutting board for vegetables and meats.  Be careful to thoroughly wash all utensils that have touched uncooked meat.

7. Change the dish washing cloth and the dishtowel often.  One of the biggest bacteria carriers in the home is the kitchen dish washing cloth and the second is the dishtowel.

8. Do not drink out of streams and rivers, lakes or creeks, without first filtering the water.

9. When one partner is on the parasite cleanse, the other one should be doing it also.  Parasites can be passed from kissing and intimate sexual contact.

10. Avoid refined sugars.  Parasites love sugar. Parasites also like fried and greasy foods.

11. Parasites thrive when you are constipated.  They have no way out, so they reproduce rapidly.  Go to “Ideas for Cleansing your Colon” if your bowels are not working regularly 1-3 times per day, in order to rid yourself or parasites.

12. Foods to Avoid:  Greasy foods, sugar, dairy and wheat, which are all acid-forming foods.  Foods to Eat:  Green leafy vegetables, all fresh fruits and vegetables.

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