Toxicity Sleuth Checklist


(hidden clues to where you might be poisoning or polluting yourself)

  1. Do you use commercial body products such as skin creams, cosmetics, soaps, shampoos? (99% are polluted with chemicals)

  2. Do you use commercial laundry soap and fabric softeners? (They are all polluted)

  3. Do you use Clorox bleach in your house? (100% toxic)

  4. Do you use Windex, Tilex, room fresheners, bathroom cleaners? (99.9% are toxic)

  5. Do you store cleaners in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen? (Polluted Air – remember the smell of the cleaner aisle at the grocery store?)

  6. Do you drink tap water? (Heavy metals, synthetic hormones, pollutants)

  7. Do you eat regular store-bought meat? (Contain hormones, antibiotics, etc)

  8. Do you eat pre-packaged food, food in cans, or preserved meats such as sandwich meats? (Contain preservatives, MSG, have no life in the food)

  9. Do you eat at fast food restaurants? eg fries, hotdogs, hamburgers (Trans-fats which kill your liver)

  10. Do you prepare foods with MSG, or eat at any restaurant that cooks with MSG? (MSG is also labeled as hydrolyzed vegetable protein, autolyzed vegetable protein, yeast extract, or glutamic acid) (Toxic)

  11. Do you drink diet drinks, or anything containing aspartame? (Toxic)

  12. Have you installed new carpet, new furniture, new flooring, new drapes recently? (Formaldehyde, toxic glues)

  13. Have you painted your house recently? (Xylene, toluene, toxic chemicals)

  14. Do you consume prescription drugs (including birth control)? (Toxic to the liver)

  15. Do you consume over the counter pharmacy drugs (including sinus, cold, headache preparations)? (Toxic to the liver)

  16. Have you had any water leak in your house or mold of any kind? (Toxic mold)

  17. Do you have any mold in the carpet or walls left from previous owners?

  18. Do you have any mercury fillings in your mouth? (Heavy metal toxicity)

  19. Do you store or freeze your food in plastic containers? (Zeno-estrogens)

  20. Do you live in a neighborhood with smog, pollution, or near a major highway?

  21. Do you smoke or use street drugs?

  22. Do you have pets, and do they live in your home? (Parasites)

  23. Do you lack exercise? Should be 3-4 times per week for at least ½ hour. (You need vigorous circulation to help your body flush out toxins)

See Dr. Hulda Clark’s book“:The Cure for All Diseases” for sources of household poisoning and toxicity.

Why your Toxic Overload Inventory is NECESSARY,


Homeostasis is a state of stability in which your health is maintained evenly and well. Your body is able to maintain a good weight level and you feel good. 

When there is an upset to your life in any way (dehydration, lack of adequate nutrients, stress, accident, toxic assault in any form, etc) your body system can go out of balance and will need correction.

If the correction is not made, symptoms will develop into chronic problems and diseases, which are then harder to reverse. e.g. inflammation of any kind (arthritis and almost all diseases), obesity, allergies, cancer, etc.

Go to for the Dr. Hulda Clark’s method and protocol, especially on how to avoid toxicity in the home.

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