Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea is an ancient formula that is known for its immune boosting qualities, as well as detoxification and cleansing of the whole body.

That is why people with the following conditions drink this tea:  chronic disease and chronic pain, arthritis, kidney problems, liver problems, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, constipation, poor immune system etc.  Almost anyone can benefit with this cleansing tea.

Here is the homemade formula:

6 1/2 cups of Burdock Root (cut)
16 ounces Sheep Sorrel (herb)
1 ounce Turkey Rhubarb Root (powder)
4 ounces Slippery Elm Bark (Powder)

Mix ingredients thoroughly in their dry state.

Preparation of Essiac Tea:

8 ounces (of the Essiac mix, dry formula above)
2 gallons of distilled water in stainless steel kettle

Bring the water to a hard or brisk boiling point (30 minutes)
Put the Essiac dry mixture into boiling water, stir and boil hard for 10 minutes
Allow to sit and cool slowly for six hours.

After six hours stir it thoroughly with wooden or stainless tool.
Let it sit for another six hours.

Return kettle to stove and bring to a boil.

At the boiling point, turn off the heat and pour the contents through a stainless strainer into a second stainless kettle.
Clean the first kettle thoroughly, then strain contents a second time from pot two back into pot one.

Bottle the tea immediately into dark amber glass bottles and seal it when hot.
Store in refrigerator.
Dark amber bottles may be purchased from just about any drug store pharmacist.

How to Drink Essiac Tea

Heat two ounces  (four Tablespoons) of distilled water, then mix it with two ounces of Essiac tea, taken directly from the refrigerator.

  • Essiac should be taken at bed time on an empty stomach at least 2 hours after eating. 
  • It can be taken in the morning on an empty stomach.  If taken in the morning, do not eat for at least 2  hours after taking the Essiac
  • Keep the Essiac refrigerated at all times.
  • Shake well each time before pouring.

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