Foods that Hinder Your Detox

There are certain foods that actually hinder a detox.  Identify the killers and you will be more successful.  Here is a list of common detox killers to avoid: dairy or soy sugar (for most detox’s you can still have limited fruit) caffeine (or pop) meat gluten peanuts or corn (common allergen) alcohol, tobacco, over the […] Read more »

Breakfast Smoothie that Chases away Parasites!

Are you tired of all the teas that are good for cleansing?  Or depriving and restricting yourself to try and get healthy? Here’s something different, and it tastes really good.  And parasites don’t like it.  When I got my ingredients, I had 4 day’s worth of the anti-parasite smoothie.  Just keep the rest in the […] Read more »

Guess the name of this Green Soup?

My first introduction to Stinging Nettles began approx. 15 years ago when my dear friend Marie was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. I did a lot of research into natural help for her liver, and decided she needed nettles – immediately. We found a great grove of nettles in a local park close to […] Read more »

Stinging Nettle Tea Recipe

Yesterday, after writing about all those great health benefits of Stinging Nettle Tea, I went ahead and made some.  Truthfully, I was expecting a bitter, farm-like taste that you only endure because you need the great health benefits. The experience was exactly the opposite – it almost tasted floral, and just like a basic  tulsi […] Read more »

Your Liver loves Stinging Nettles!

It’s stinging nettle time again! My garden is budding with stinging nettle, and I’m guarding it like a mother hen, hoping nobody will come and chop it down. The green leaves are getting ready to become delicious tea today, and also to be dried for the future. I think the reason that stinging nettle is […] Read more »

Grandma’s Constipation Porridge Recipe

WHOLE GRAIN PORRIDGE – Great for maintaining regularity 1 Tbsp. large flake oats 1 Tbsp. whole rye 1 Tbsp. flax seed 1 Tbsp. wheat berries 1 Tbsp. millet 1 Tbsp. whole barley 1 Tbsp. raisins (Other grains I add are kamut, spelt, quinoa, and amaranth) This is the ancient recipe as I got it handed […] Read more »

9 Useful Cleansing Teas

 TAHEEBO TEA, ESSIAC TEA, GREEN TEA, GINGER TEA, PEPPERMINT TEA, CELERY TEA, DANDELION ROOT TEA, MARIGOLD TEA, WATERMELON SEED TEA Pau d’Arco or Taheebo Tea Pau d’Arco is the name of the bark that comes from the Taheebo tree, which grows in Argentina and Brazil.  Most health food stores carry the loose prepackaged bark.  In […] Read more »

TIPS on Living Parasite-Free

If you really want to remain parasite-free, here are the most important steps to follow.  After reading this, go to the parasite cleanse page to get information on the best do-it-yourself parasite cleanses. 1. Keep pets outside. During your healing process, find a good home for all your house pets.  Parasite reinfestation from house pets […] Read more »