Quick Flu and Cold Remedy

We all like to have a fast cure for the flu and cold. 

Our 14-year old neighbor boy recently woke up with a head cold.  The minute we heard about it, my hubby mixed up his magic potion of the juice of a lemon, a teaspoon of Vitamin C crystals, raw honey to make it taste nice, and warm water to fill the cup.  Stir vigorously and drink! 

After we gave it to the neighbor I remember wondering if he would even take it.  You know how teenagers are sometimes. 

The next morning we got a knock at the door.  There was our neighbor boy, asking to learn how to make the magic potion, because he had felt so much better after taking the lemon/honey/Vitamin C mixture.   There’s nothing like suddenly feeling better after getting a head cold or flu.

I recently read Dr. Mercola’s Hydrogen Peroxide therapy, and since I know people who have done it, I pass it on to you.  Here it is coming from Dr. Mercola’s December 22, 2012 article online (www.mercola.com).  He says that people get results with flu & colds often within 12-14 hours after using this remedy.  Nice.

You simply lay down and drop a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into your ear (we think that would be 4-5 drops).  You will have bubbling and possibly stinging, but wait for 5-10 minutes until it stops.  Then drain your ear on some tissue, and do the same with the other ear. 

Since 3% Hydrogen Peroxide is really cheap and you can get it at any pharmacy, it’s a great do-it-yourself remedy at home.  Hopefully this will do the trick and you don’t have to get any medications.

Another of my favorite remedies for the flu and cold is to get lots of extra sleep.  Plus if you can get fresh carrot, parsley and apple juice you will be doing well.  Have fun getting better!

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