Try the Master Lemonade Cleanse with Grapefruit

GrapefruitforMasterCleanseI decided to do the Master Lemonade Cleanse for the day yesterday. I didn’t have any lemons so I tried grapefruit instead. Not having maple syrup either, I used some honey. I was pleasantly surprised.  See the Recipe and Instructions for the Master Lemonade Cleanse here.

I squeezed the juice from the white grapefruit I had at my house, added the honey, water and cayenne pepper. I made a big pot of juice, poured it into bottles and stored it in the refrigerator.


I really enjoyed my day on the modified Master Lemonade Cleanse. Of all cleanses, this is probably the easiest.

My biggest hesitation on trying a fast, or drinking liquids for a day or more is that I might not be able to handle the hunger pangs. What if I feel weak? Will my body suffer nutritionally?

Honestly, here’s what I experienced and felt on one day of the Master Lemonade Cleanse.

  •  It was really easy to do.
  • I did not feel my blood sugar getting low at all.
  • I drank a lot of liquids during the day, and drank approx. 2 liters + of the Master Cleanse mixture.
  • The biggest issue for me was handling the cayenne pepper. It felt like my stomach would get really warm every time I drank a cup or two. The most helpful thing was to put the Master Cleanse mixture into a drinking bottle so it kept the cayenne from burning the outside of my mouth.
  • I felt my stomach was getting flatter and I did not experience any bloating all day. My mind was clear and although I didn’t do strenuous work yesterday, I felt full of energy and vitality.
  • I enjoyed the grapefruit just as much as lemons in my Master Cleanse recipe.
  • I feel I did not suffer nutritionally by substituting grapefruit for lemons.

Here’s also what I have learned about the nutrition of grapefruit and lemons.  If you know you’re getting good nutrition along with your cleanse, it sure helps.

Both grapefruits AND lemons are high in Vitamin C, so everything you know about Vitamin C could apply with these highly nutritious fruits. Vitamin C is known to boost your immune system, full of antioxidants to fight colds & flu, a free radical scavenger, and is an anti inflammatory food. Both grapefruits and lemons contain fiber. They contain other vitamins (like some B Vitamins) and minerals (like Potassium) in smaller amounts which all work together to benefit your body totally naturally.

I personally would choose lemons first if I had them just because they are easier to squeeze to get the juice. If I didn’t have lemons, I’d feel happy to use grapefruit or even limes.

Have fun and enjoy your Master Lemonade Cleanse.

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