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Last week I had lunch with health pioneer, Jim Humble. He is the one who brought MMS (Master Mineral Solution) to the world. 

For those of you who don’t know, MMS is a unique detox program different from other traditional cleansing programs. MMS solution must be activated with Citric Acid to produce Chlorine Dioxide which has been safely used worldwide for over 100 years in water purification.  

I personally have tried the MMS detox program briefly under the old program, using larger amounts twice a day.  I experienced overwhelming nausea at 6 drops, and persevered as long as I could. 

There is now a new protocol where you take 1-2 drops every hour, and this eliminates any nausea and cuts down other detox symptoms.  However, since it has changed the lives of many people from every kind of sickness and disease imaginable, I still would recommend it.  Jim recommends using the MMS protocol for every ailment out there: Cold, flu, autism, cancer, malaria, alzheimers, arthritis, etc.)

Somehow when I met Jim, I had a similar feeling as meeting with Dr. Hulda Clark – humble and yet so famous, a pioneer, and a real hero!  At over 80 years old he likes to ride his bicycle or walk, and still travels the world.

Here are some take-aways regarding cleansing and detox I got from my time with Jim Humble.

1.  MMS is very safe. It cannot hurt or harm the body, and healing is usually very quick.

2.  MMS first.  Don’t start supplements or change your diet until you’ve killed everything there first with MMS.  MMS really detoxifies the liver.  After this, then begin your nutritional supplement program.

3.  Liver Cleanse Next.  Do the traditional Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse with the olive oil/grapefruit juice protocol.  This is helpful to detox your body further.

4.  MMS enema protocol.  You can also include the MMS enema protocol – 20-60 drops in 1 Liter of water, retained for as long as you can.

More information on the MMS Protocol 1000 can be found at this link.

The great thing about this particular detox program is that it costs pennies and is very easy to get the ingredients.  You do-it-yourselfers will love it.

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